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Why drink lemon water in the morning

Healthy nutrition experts advise starting the morning with a glass of warm water with lemon. This approach supposedly improves well-being and triggers important processes in the body. How much this statement is true and why you really need to drink water with lemon, we were told by Julia Korneva, the author of the blog about a healthy lifestyle and longevity Live up!

Almost every morning I start with a large glass of warm water with lemon juice. This habit not only helps me feel better and easier to start the day, but it has a lot of beneficial effects on my health.

Water with lemon not only quenches thirst better than any other drink, but also nourishes the body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which we absolutely need. It also helps the body restore the acid-base balance, and this is necessary for us to prevent diseases and lose weight . Finally, lemon water is one of the best natural sources of energy.

Why is it so important to drink water with lemon in the morning? When awakening, the tissues of our body are dehydrated and need water – to displace toxins and rejuvenate all cells. Such homemade “lemonade” helps to get rid of internal toxins and normalizes the functioning of the kidneys and the functions of the digestive tract, making them work as efficiently as possible.

What is useful “lemon water”

– Promotes digestion: lemon juice stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and digestion.

– Cleanses the liver: lemon juice stimulates the release of toxins from the liver

– Helps fight respiratory infections. This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of lemon.

– Regulates the natural intestinal motility.

– Strengthens the immune system: lemon is a powerful antioxidant, it protects the body from free radicals.

 Promotes the proper functioning of the nervous system. Depression and increased anxiety are often the result of a lack of potassium in the blood. Lemon is rich in potassium, which is necessary for the nervous system to send signals to the heart.

– Helps lower blood pressure. One lemon per day will help lower high blood pressure by 10%.

– Reduces pain in joints and muscles .

– Creates an alkalizing effect in the body. Drink such a drink immediately before meals, this will help maintain a high pH level. If your pH is normal, then your body is easier to fight disease.

– Improves skin. Vitamin C contained in lemon improves skin condition, rejuvenating the body. Drinking a glass of water with lemon every morning, you will notice that the skin becomes more beautiful.

– Eliminates heartburn. To do this, stir a teaspoon of lemon juice in half a glass of water.

– Helps to fight excess weight more effectively. Lemons contain pectin fibers that suppress hunger. Studies have shown that people who follow an alkaline diet lose weight more easily.

– Prevents cancer. This is due to the fact that lemons are a powerful alkaline product. Numerous studies have shown that cancer cannot “thrive” in an alkaline environment.

Try to drink at least one glass of water regularly with the juice of half a lemon and after a couple of weeks you will feel the difference in your well-being. Checked not only by me!



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