Weight Loss Workouts for Teens

teen weightloss

Not only adults suffer from extra pounds, but also children. However, methods for eliminating body fat are different. This is due to the characteristics of children’s physiology and the processes that occur in the body during growth. For adolescents, special workouts are suitable that allow you to properly reduce weight when creating a balanced diet and adjusting the menu.

teen weightloss

An increase in physical activity helps to solve the problem, but it should be understood that not every fitness is suitable for children. For a fragile organism, complex coordination exercises, heavy strength training, and high-interval intensive training are excluded. To avoid injury, they should be discarded.

An impeccable solution will be to exercise with your own weight – they will make it possible to remove excess body fat and at the same time strengthen muscles.

Experts advise giving preference to exercises in which all muscle groups or the largest ones, for example, the back or legs, are included at the same time. Exercises must be carefully combined. Therefore, for starters, it is worthwhile to properly build a training regimen with a trainer.

Of great importance in weight loss is the intensity of training. Over time, it increases through the implementation of more approaches and repetitions. As physical strength and endurance increase, rest between them can be reduced. In this regard, it is important to understand that to complicate the program is only after mastering the technique of exercise.

Building a workout for a teenager

  • First, it’s worth a warm-up, during which exercises will be performed at a measured pace.
  • The first few classes should be carried out according to the standard scheme of strength training: 2 approaches for each exercise of 10-15 repetitions. Then you can introduce circular training when the exercise is done for 35 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest and then the next stage of the training. At the end of the circle, the break is a minute, and then the repeat begins. For beginners, just 3 laps.
  • The completion of the lesson.
  • Training should take place 3 to 4 times a week.

A set of exercises on the mat
Performing “Boats” and “Krabika”

For this exercise, you need to stand up straight and spread a rug in front of you. Next, bend down the body, lower your palms to the floor and walk your hands forward. Next, you need to stand on the bar. Hands should be straight without sagging in the lumbar region. The stomach and legs are lowered to the floor, and the arms are extended forward. In this case, the gluteal muscles and abs should turn on. After that, the legs and arms simultaneously rise above the floor. Lock the position for 5 seconds, then repeat the bar on straight arms and pass your palms to the feet. It looks like one replay.

Performing knee-high push-ups

Leaning on your knees and palms, you need to emphasize lying with straight arms. In this case, the abs muscles work actively. The loin should not bend. The elbows are bent and pressed against the ribs, the body drops down, followed by a return to its original position. This will be one replay.


For the starting position you need to stand up straight and place your feet at the level of the width of the pelvis. The palms should be placed on the belt. After that, a step is made with the right foot forward, the right knee is bent until a right angle is reached. Then follows a fixation of the position for 5 seconds. The legs are straightened, the right foot steps back and the left foot forward. Then again it is necessary to perform a lunge, and upon completion – to return to the starting position. It will look like a replay.


First, you should sit on the mat with your legs stretched out in front of you. Further, the palms fall to the floor on the sides of the pelvis, the knees bend slightly, and the press is turned on, and the hips are pulled to the stomach. After that, you need to straighten your legs forward without lowering to the floor. This is what the replay looks like.

Leg lifts

The starting position will be on all fours. The knees should be under the pelvis, and the palms should be at shoulder level. The exercise involves the gluteal muscles and abs. The left leg is pushed forward, while the foot goes to the ceiling, and the knee goes to the floor. Then follows a return to the starting position, and the exercise is repeated in the other direction. This will be one replay.

Running diagonal twists

First you need to lie on your back, move your palms behind your head and connect your fingers on the back of your head to the lock. After this, the knees need to bend slightly, tear off the shoulder blades from the floor, twist in the thoracic spine and point the left elbow towards the right knee. The thigh on the right goes to the stomach. Next, you return to the starting position, and the exercise is repeated in the opposite direction. This is one replay.

Classes need to take time to see results as soon as possible. In addition, you can increase physical activity – often walk in the fresh air at a calm pace, walk up stairs or go jogging.

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