The best exercises for the step platform

The step platform is often used for aerobics, but it is also suitable for strength training. Thanks to this inventory, it is possible to perform cardio exercises, as well as strength exercises, which make it possible to pump muscles of the lower body and coordination of movements. Training on the step platform helps to improve the state of the cardiovascular system and accelerate reactions. For one lesson, you can spend 200-450 kcal. The exact indicator depends on the intensity of the exercise.

Most often, the construction of the program is carried out like dance combinations, which are complicated with each stage. Lessons begin at a basic level, when the basic steps and the technique of execution are honed. Further, as you master the intermediate and advanced levels, it is proposed to learn a special dance on the platform.

The strength of the training consists of squats, lunges, push-ups in various positions, during which the platform helps to complicate the program. As a result, it is possible not only to get rid of extra pounds, but also to strengthen muscle mass. Strength exercises can easily be done without musical accompaniment, if it turns out to exercise at a uniform pace. An alternative would be a regular account. It is important to observe the correct technique, as well as implement the right number of approaches and repetitions.

Such training is perfect for both experienced athletes and beginners. If you know the safety precautions, you are even allowed to practice at home without visiting a fitness club.

Contraindications for classes

  • Serious cardiovascular problems.
  • Diseases of the joints of the legs.
  • Diseases of the spine, in particular disorders in the lumbar spine.
  • Phlebeurysm.
  • Hypertension.
  • Chronic diseases of the kidneys and liver.

Safety precautions

Compliance with safety rules is mandatory no matter what type of exercise you plan to perform. First of all, it is worth remembering that a step on the platform is made with the whole foot. This also applies to the descent. During the exercise, do not make sudden stops. First, the transition to the basic steps is made, after which the stop takes place in 5-10 stages. Do not forget about the drinking regimen.

Building a lesson to achieve results

You can get the desired result from classes on the step platform only subject to the exercise technique. This will minimize the likelihood of injury, as well as systematically move towards the goal. An important condition is the regularity of training. Professional trainers recommend visiting the gym 3 times a week.

The lesson always starts with a light warm-up, after which the exercises should be done in strict sequence, making 3 trips of 15 repetitions. Excessive exercises can be skipped first. You can return to them after 4-5 sessions, when the muscles adapt and become stronger. At the end of the workout, a little stretching is performed.

For work, you only need a rug and a step platform. After the muscles are strengthened, you can exercise faster. But first, you should keep a calm and comfortable pace.

Running squats on the step platform

You need to stand in front of the platform, placing your feet on the width of the pelvis. Next, you need to take a step on the step, placing your feet shoulder width apart. After that, you should bend your knees, take your pelvis back and do a squat. The palms at the same time connect in front of the chest. Next, straightening is carried out. Then you need to go down from the step, lower it to the floor of the foot one at a time. It looks like one replay.

Doing leg squats

To begin with, you should stand in front of the inventory and move a little to the left edge. After this, you need to take a step to the platform with your right foot, while the left one is led to the side. Then the right knee is bent and a squat is made. The palms are joined in front of the chest, the left foot is lowered to the floor. Next you need to get off the step. This amounts to one repetition.

Jumping on the step

To begin with, you should stand in front of the platform, placing your feet together. After this, a jump is performed in which the feet are shoulder width apart. Next, you need to do a squat, at the moment of which the palms join in front of the chest. Then you need to go down from the step, lower the floor of one foot to the floor. So one repetition is carried out.

Walking steps

First you need to stand in front of the platform and step with your left foot on the right edge of the simulator. After that, the right knee bends and pulls itself to the stomach. Next, the right leg falls to the floor and follows the descent from the platform. Then you need to step on the left edge of the platform with your right foot. The left knee is bent and pulled to the stomach. It looks like one replay.

Walking Bar

The starting position is the emphasis lying. Then you should rest your palms on the step and connect the feet. After that, you need to rest your socks on the floor, placing them wider than shoulder level. Then, in turn, they return to the center. This is a repeat.

Twisted Strap

To begin with, you should take the emphasis lying down and rest your palms on the platform. The feet should be placed on the width of the pelvis. The left knee bends and pulls itself to the stomach, and then goes to the right elbow. After that, you are returned to the starting position. Next, the right knee bends, and then goes to the left elbow. It is necessary to ensure that there is no deflection in the lower back and the muscles of the press work.

Performing pelvic lifts

The mat is located near the platform. It is necessary to lie on his back so that the lower back is pressed to the floor. The feet are located on the steppe, the knees are bent, after which the palms are gone behind the head. Next, the right foot must be deployed and put on the left knee. Then, with emphasis on the shoulders, arms and left foot, you should make a smooth separation of the pelvis from the floor with a lift up. During the exercise, the muscles of the legs, abs and buttocks are turned on. After that, you must gently lower yourself to the floor. This will look like one repetition.

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