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Secrets of Cameron Diaz: an actress about training, nutrition and beauty

The highest paid actress over forty years old, the author of two books on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle – all this is about 44-year-old Cameron Diaz. She has been working in the film industry for 23 years, and several years ago she began to write actively on topics of beauty and health: in 2013 she published her “Book on the Body”, and in 2016 – “The Book on Longevity”. Beautiful and successful – what tips does she give to her fans?

Learn to eat right

Breakfast is the most important thing!

“ Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Because while we sleep, our body is at rest, recovering and rebooting. When we wake up, ready for feats, the body needs to be saturated with nutrients and energy so that it can fulfill everything that we expect from it.

Be sure to include breakfast in your daily routine in order to receive the necessary charge of energy in the morning. Not a sweet breakfast on the go, but full and healthy, which it is advisable to cook yourself. For many, morning is a hot time, but this is not a reason to deprive yourself of healthy food. On the contrary, with increased activity, the value of breakfast only increases. ”

Food must be varied

“Now I understand what it means to eat right and satisfy all the body’s energy needs. Every day is different: if today I go in for sports, then I eat carbohydrates that will give me energy. If I do strength exercises, I choose proteins that help build muscle. ”

Pampering yourself with something delicious is also important!

“I pamper myself. I ate fried chicken last night! Because I give my body healthy food every day. So, in the morning I ate a salad with tomatoes and pumpkin, so if I need to go on a weekend with friends to eat fried chicken, there is nothing to worry about. I know that 90 percent of the time my diet is balanced . ”

3 secrets to maintaining beauty

1. Youth has passed – it’s time to defend yourself from the sun!

“I fastened with the beaches. I’m trying to stay in the shade, if there is one, and I’m not sparing money on funds with a protection level of SPF 45 to protect myself from ultraviolet rays that destroy collagen. ”


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2. Sleep is the key to health and beauty

Lack of sleep can cause skin problems, such as eczema or rosacea (rosacea). The actress advises you to sleep at least 7 – 8 hours a day and not get involved in communicating with gadgets while lying in bed. Supper – only light food.

3. Meditation as a cure for stress

Numerous experiences spoil not only nerves, but also beauty. For example, constant stress can “give” you an early gray hair. Diaz gets rid of negative emotional experiences through transcendental meditation .

Favorite exercises: all ingenious – simple!

  • “Dog face down”

Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Lean so that your hands touch the floor. Step forward with your hands until a 90 degree angle forms between your legs and body. Hold this position for a few seconds. Then also return to the starting position, “stepping” with your hands, straighten up. Repeat ten times.

  • Gluteal bridge on one leg

Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor. Pull your right knee to your chest, tighten your buttocks and lift your pelvis up. Return to the starting position and repeat without delay. Do the exercise twenty times on each leg. Then hold the pelvis at the top and try to keep your straight leg parallel to the floor, lifting it as high as possible. Repeat the exercise ten times on each leg.

  • Planks

Stand in the bar on his forearms, and then – go up to the bar on the straight hands. Return to starting position and repeat the exercise eight times. Then – stand in the side bar, after a few seconds lower the thigh to the floor and again return to the side bar. Repeat the exercise twelve times on each side.

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