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Rebooting consciousness: 7 major mistakes in fitness training

Everyone comes to the fitness club for their own purpose. Someone wants to lose weight, someone decided to gain muscle mass, and someone seriously thinks to take care of their health. But everyone definitely wants one thing – to achieve an excellent result. However, are you correctly building a strategy to achieve your goal? We will analyze typical mistakes in the training process.

Error number 1. Doctor himself

A sedentary lifestyle , a habit of snacking “on the run” and constant stresses adversely affect our body. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, protrusion and hernia of the intervertebral discs, acquired scoliosis, etc.) today are no longer a feature of older people. Starting a workout without consulting a doctor, you can not only not achieve the desired result, but also seriously worsen your health.

Solution: Be sure to consult your doctor or at least a sports club specialist during fitness testing. Get the most out of your readings and training restrictions.

Mistake # 2. Clever and clever

The fitness industry is constantly evolving, new research is being conducted in the field of human physiology. New equipment appears, training programs change. However, each person is individual and requires a special approach, taking into account age, gender, physique, lifestyle, injuries, etc. Training “according to one’s own method”, “out of habit”, “on the advice of a friend”, “according to the book” can cause irreparable damage to health.

Solution: Feel free to ask about free coaching and introductory training at your club. Ask instructors questions, ask which books and articles that you studied really inspire confidence among specialists. But it’s better not to save money and use the services of a personal trainer – he will supply you with the equipment and draw up an initial training plan.

Mistake # 3. Monotony kills

Suppose you have a couple of your favorite activities that you go to all the time and have already achieved certain successes in them. You even got a constant circle of people of interest. Do not forget to diversify your workouts – long, monotonous work is fraught with hypertonicity of some muscle groups and even atrophy of others. With improper dosing of loads and the wrong training method, there is a chance of curvature of the spine, the occurrence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system . Passion for one type of load prevents the harmonious development of the body: when working only on power indicators, endurance suffers . Fans of the “base” often lack functionality, coordination and balance.

Solution: Moderately develop all possible physical qualities. Choose from the group training schedule the type of training that you have not tried. Take a briefing or take some personal training in the gym. Try individual or group exercises on cardiovascular equipment or enroll in the pool.

Mistake number 4. Nutrition is not about sports

Any trainer will tell you that nutrition is the key to a successful training process. The process of gaining muscle mass, weight loss, muscle recovery and energy for training is directly dependent on nutrition. Fast food and overeating at night, as well as rigid diets (for example, rejection of carbohydrates) disrupt the body’s metabolism. As a result, you only move away from your dream of a beautiful and healthy body.

Decision: It is better to consult with an instructor or dietitian about how to draw up a nutrition program. If this is not possible, remember that it is important not to overeat at night, diversify the diet, eliminate “harmful” foods and count calories (the norm for your gender, age and intensity of training can be found on the Internet). Observe drinking regimen, give up bad habits.

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Error No. 5. Mood Training

Bad mood, “urgent” affairs and commonplace laziness often cause missed workouts. Fitness as a habit is the achievement of many months of work on oneself or even years. Your body must be rebuilt in order to build up general and muscle endurance, increase strength indicators, improve the technique of performing exercises. All this is possible only with repeated and regular repetitions. Remember that regularity is the key to sustainable results!

Solution: Make a training plan for the week / month and adhere strictly to it. In the beginning you will have to try to change your usual life schedule. However, then training will become a habit, and the reward for constancy will be a beautiful and healthy body.

Mistake number 6. Overpowered himself

The other extreme is to exercise through strength. Even a professional athlete needs time to recover . It is categorically not recommended for a beginner and a person with average physical training to intensively train every day, not to mention several workouts per day. Overwork is extremely dangerous! Do you feel weakness and pain in your whole body after yesterday’s training, but still go to work today? The desire to achieve a result as soon as possible will only lead to a general deterioration in well-being. Your sleep and metabolism will be disturbed, and your risk of injury will increase.

Solution: The simplest advice is to take a break for one to two days between intense workouts. If you are a beginner, then train optimally three days a week with rest breaks. Alternate intensive exercises with less intense ones (Pilates, stretching, light cardio, calm swimming in the pool or yoga).

Error No. 7. The main thing is that the suit is sitting

Improperly selected clothes will make your workout uncomfortable, and therefore inferior. Violation of thermoregulation is fraught not only with the appearance of an unpleasant smell of sweat, but also diaper rash and calluses. Tight clothing will impede exercise with maximum amplitude. And incorrectly chosen shoes will not allow you to carry out exercises qualitatively and technically correctly, and this is fraught with excessive strain in the ankle and injuries.

Solution: Training clothes should be free and light – provide air circulation and absorb moisture well. Choose specialized equipment of famous brands. Choose shoes depending on the type of training. For group exercises in the fitness center, sneakers with a tight back, a springy sole and inserts for ventilation are suitable, this will reduce the load on the spine, the ankle will be fixed, and the feet will “breathe”.

It turns out that it’s enough to be patient and approach the process responsibly, and you can easily “customize” your fitness workouts for yourself. It will be easy and pleasant for you to train, and the results will become noticeable not only to you, but also to others.

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