Fitness Against Depression

Everyone who has experienced depression knows how difficult it is to simply lift themselves out of bed in the morning. We don’t even have to talk about gym classes. However, psychologists along with doctors say that it is sport that helps to cope with emotional difficulties.

The standard recommendation is to exercise regularly and ensure a good night’s sleep. This is important not so much for bodily health as for mental health. Australian scientists recently made a discovery in their study. It turned out that half-hour workouts every day reduce the likelihood of depression by 22 percent.

People who have a sedentary lifestyle are at risk for symptoms. Women suffer most from mental disorders.

Not everyone is able to constantly force themselves to perform exercises. And when depression has already come, it is completely difficult to return to normal life.

HLS experts say that during an emotional downturn, it’s important not to set records, but to start with simple exercises. The fact is that during mental overstrain, the level of the hormone cortisone increases, which is produced due to overwork, stress, starvation, fear, and in other extreme circumstances. It can seriously affect physical abilities.

If you regularly devote time to sports at a measured pace, you can reduce the level of the hormone. Even once a week classes will be enough for a start.

Group training

The fact that with depressive disorders it is better not to be alone is indisputable. This applies not only to ordinary life, but also to attending training sessions. According to a scientific study conducted in 2017, group physical activity can reduce stress by 26 percent. And even earlier it was found out that training with friends helps to achieve better results in comparison with single lessons.

Social connections are the basis of human evolution, so the feeling of shared experience and the presence of a common goal work wonders. Performing exercises in a group makes it possible to structure time and discipline. And these are important steps to get out of depression. A group lesson makes a person organize and find reasons not to skip classes.

Choosing moderate loads

In the process of training, you need to focus on your own feelings and make decisions about what loads will be feasible. Sometimes it’s enough to train in the same rhythm and with the same intensity as before the onset of depression. If you experience weakness and self-doubt, it is recommended to reduce the load. But you should not set yourself up for failure.

Some trainers believe that strength training may be the best type of exercise. This is due to the effect of muscle activity on the nervous system. With loads, I least want to focus on internal problems.

Novelty in training

An excellent solution during a period of emotional decline is to find a new occupation. It will help to switch and get away from annoying thoughts. An interesting sport will provide an opportunity to load the brain to achieve new goals, which will entail the coordination of all neurons, muscles, ligaments and joints. But depression simply does not have time.

Some depressed people choose yoga or other peaceful activities. They simply switch to a new type of activity. But it’s not easy for others to show willpower and hold attention during emotional decline.

Watch out for the right breath.

This secret will certainly make you feel better. Thanks to deep breathing, the nervous system calms down. Respiratory practices have a powerful effect on the state of the psyche. They are used even when working with war veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorders.

Choice of uniform loads

A variety of training during depression can only hurt. It is better to give preference to one moderate direction. Studies have shown that anxiety disappears with consistently repeating behavior. Otherwise, there may be a state of anxiety and fatigue as a result of frequent decision making.

What is better to refuse during depression?

During an emotional recession, one should not undertake technically difficult exercises, especially alone. Attention in such a state is scattered, concentration is lost, which increases the risk of non-observance of safety precautions.

In particular, this applies to large weights, complex coordination exercises, during which weights are involved. Some experts ask to exclude asanas from yoga, which are mentally difficult.

Sometimes you should completely abandon going to the gym and practice at home. This will allow you to relax, eliminate anxiety, increase concentration.

If all recommendations do not work, and depression only worsens, you must necessarily seek medical help.

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