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Fitness Activities while Breastfeeding

Fitness Activities while Breastfeeding

Many young mothers worry that because of sports, the taste of breast milk and even its quantity can change. They worry that the chest is injured, resulting in discomfort. But many of these fears are simply myths.

First of all, remember that training can not affect the quantity or quality of breast milk. The smell and taste will be the same, so the baby will not refuse food. It was previously believed that lactic acid, which occurs during exercise, penetrates into milk. And if the concentration is large, then this can even negatively affect the health of the baby. According to modern research, this is untrue information. Athletes measured the level of lactic acid in the composition of milk. It turned out that the concentration of the substance was insignificant. This means that it does not affect the smell, taste of milk and the health of the child.

Fitness Activities while Breastfeeding

Training tips for nursing mothers

You must choose comfortable clothing for sports. It is especially worth paying attention to the choice of top. It is sewn from a dense fabric that holds and holds the chest well. During fitting, it is advised to jump, move and run to make sure that the chest remains motionless. In training, it is worth using special pads through which milk will not leak.

Attention should be paid to the feeding regimen. If the baby does not eat more or less according to the schedule, it will not be possible to allocate time for physical activity. It is best that classes take place after feeding to avoid flushing of milk.

Try to determine the type of training. Fitness should be fun. Only in this case will it be beneficial for both mom and baby. Avoid sports in which there is a risk of injury to the chest. These include primarily martial arts. Useful exercises that strengthen the muscles of the back and correct posture. It can be Pilates, which is very relevant after pregnancy. Aerobic exercise with moderate intensity is perfect. These include walking, swimming, exercise on a stationary bike.

Mark the target correctly. It is not recommended to reduce the calorie content of foods while breastfeeding, so as not to get a negative health effect. Exercising for weight loss is better after lactation. It’s important to simply maintain overall fitness and muscle mass. And already after completing breastfeeding, it will be possible to acquire a beautiful relief and dry the body.

Choosing the right exercises. Initially, it is advised to remove the workouts that should be performed while lying on the stomach. Due to excessive pressure on the mammary glands, discomfort and even stagnation of the ducts often occur. It is not necessary to perform exercises for the pectoral muscles, since milk can arrive right at the time of execution. And lifting a large weight provokes stagnation in the milk ducts. Excessive spinal loads and weight-bearing exercises in the shoulder area are considered undesirable.

Do not forget about the drinking regimen. Sometimes mothers say that after sports, they have less milk than usual. Due to increased sweating, fluid is lost, so the body produces less milk. Sufficient water should be consumed throughout the day and during training. After class, it is recommended to restore fluid balance with a compote of dried fruits without sugar.

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