4 training secrets from fitness trainer Angelina Jolie and Sylvester Stallone

Look at the photos of Angelina Jolie or Sylvester Stallone and think that the perfect body is the lot of celebrities? This is not true. The recipe for gorgeous female figures and pumped male bodies, we learned from the trainer of many Hollywood stars Jim Barsen. There are only four ingredients in it!

It’s hard not to believe Jim. Under his control, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and Naomi Watts, Sylvester Stallone and George Clooney train. Perhaps, there is no more obvious evidence of the effectiveness of the Jim method. Jim calls the method itself the rule of four C (rule of 4 C: Convenience, Construction, Consistency, Comfort zone).

And that’s what he means.


  • You should be comfortable. It would seem that training is hard, exhausting work, it should be a priori difficult for them. “This is not entirely true,” says Jim. – Any workouts that you try should be right for you first. By nature, age, level of training. As it should be convenient in the clothes in which you are engaged , the same type of training should “go” to you.
  • Have a clear plan.  “Decide what you need it for: do you want to lose weight, do you need classes for general health and vitality, or do you want to pump properly,” advises Jim Barsen. – Choose one thing. Having decided on a goal, build a plan : how often you will train, how long your classes will be, and for how long the result will be. Having a plan makes it easier to stay on track. ”
  • Train regularly. Even 15 minutes of training, but always every day – this is the key to success. Yes there, the bar is able to work miracles every morning. “Regularity plus a plan is the basis of any activity, without these two ideas it is impossible to succeed in anything,” says Jim.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. The most important thing in the development of body physics is the ability to feel that it is time to take a bigger load. “You can regularly engage in fitness or sports, do everything technically and correctly, but if you are in a comfort zone (that is, you are not doing anything that is difficult or unusual for you), your result will not budge,” says Jim Barsen. – Force, push yourself to new difficulties, increase weight, the number of approaches and the length of distances. Do it gradually, but systematically. ”

And one more tip from Jim: “The main rule of training is that it should not be boring. Diversify your activities and enjoy them! 

As you can see, stars train just like ordinary people. And their main secret is not in the chosen direction of fitness, but in discipline and attitude towards the result.

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