10 rules for an ideal dinner: advice from nutritionist Ekaterina Belova

At the modern pace of life, the phrase “give dinner to the enemy” has long become archaism. Even nutritionists have nothing against an evening meal. And in order not to harm either health, figure, or deep sleep in ordinary life and in the process of losing weight, you need to follow a few simple rules.

1. Have dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime. It is this period of time that is considered optimal in order to allow food to be digested. If this simple condition is met, even in the process of losing weight, you can afford a full meal of food that will help you “hold out” until the morning.

2. Avoid “stimulating” foods. To lose weight, eating something containing a carbohydrate component (pasta, potatoes, sweets) for dinner is not worth it. And the reason is not only the possible negative consequences for the figure. “I would not recommend to eat fruit for dinner, especially if you want to lose weight, – says Ekaterina Belova , a nutritionist, a therapist, a member of the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists Russia, head of personal nutrition center  Power Palette  . – Firstly, they act quite actively on the intestines and can provoke irritation, which will badly affect the quality of sleep. Secondly, because of the large amount of fruit sugar they have an invigorating effect. “

3. Give preference to proteins with vegetables. Fish with vegetables is both easy and satisfying. So, with such a diet dinner for weight loss there will be no obstacles. And if you just try to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, then with such a meal you can not worry either about the quality of sleep or about the possibility of overeating. At the same time, monitor your well-being. “This issue must be approached individually. If you know for sure that fresh vegetables do not affect your well-being in the most pleasant way, then it is better to switch to heat-treated ones. Or, generally, transfer the consumption of this product to the first half of the day, ”advises Yekaterina Belova.

4. Love dairy products. It is cottage cheese, yogurt, yogurt that are among the products that have a calming effect. A protein component helps not to feel hungry for a long time, which also helps to lose weight.

5. Choose the right drinks. Ideally, in the evening it is best to drink water and avoid coffee. But if you can’t live without tea, then give preference to varieties with a calming effect, for example, with mint. But green tea, like tea with milk, is not recommended to drink – they, on the contrary, have a diuretic effect too pronounced.

6. Get rid of the fuss. Do not, when you come home, immediately rush into the kitchen. First, try to “take off” all the rush and hustle and bustle of the day. “A certain airbag from overeating is, firstly, the habit of taking a shower after returning from work. Secondly, a change of clothes. Thirdly, a glass of water. All this will help to switch over and not hysterically attack food, which means it will help to keep fit and even lose weight, ”advises Yekaterina Belova.

7. Set the table. Never eat from a pot or pan, especially if you want to lose weight. Make it a habit to set the table beautifully and accustom all your home to it. Thus, dinner can turn not just into a process of absorbing food, but into a beautiful ritual.  

8. Eat right during the day. “In the usual diet, and especially in the process of losing weight, be sure to monitor the regularity of food and try to eat every 3-4 hours. If a person received less calories during the day, and dinner is his first and last meal, then it is very difficult to resist and not overeat at night. But this is not compatible with the desire to lose weight or keep fit, ”Yekaterina Belova advises.

9. Listen to your body. Yes, nutritionists do not recommend eating immediately before bedtime. “But there are people who are very uncomfortable falling asleep on an empty stomach. What can I eat for dinner with weight loss in this case? You can eat or drink something light milk – kefir, yogurt or cottage cheese, ”says Yekaterina Belova.

In any case, do not be afraid of an evening meal. With the right approach and observance of elementary rules, he will not only not harm the figure, but, on the contrary, will contribute to vigor and well-being. When choosing what to eat for weight loss dinner, listen to your feelings, and then you will surely succeed!

Photo: pixabay.com, flickr.com.

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