Why Katelyn Jenner’s Fans Are Upset With Her Actions

Why Kylie Jenners Fans Are Upset With Her

The backlash against Kylie Jenner’s recent appearance on “The View” has caused many to wonder why her fans are upset with her. Why are they upset with the show, and not with the star herself? One of the biggest reasons behind the controversy was that Jenner did not wear any makeup during the interview, and that caused many to be upset. Some fans even had to defend her appearance on a daytime talk show, claiming that she had been treated unfairly by the hosts.


Before any further details were revealed about what prompted this particular interview, I decided to investigate more into the reasons for the criticism that Kylie Jenner has received regarding her appearance on the “View.” In my research, I found that the show’s hosts, Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters, had been extremely critical of Jenner’s appearance throughout the episode, calling her “disgusting” and “ridiculous” for appearing on the show wearing nothing but a bra.


To me, that was a little unfair, because some people would say that if you were going to wear nothing else, you should be able to show off your body, too. If the show hosts were upset that Jenner appeared without her makeup, it seemed a little unfair to call them out on their treatment of her. As a matter of fact, there were a lot of people who were upset that Jenner was on the show at all, in general.


After learning more about the reasons why Kylie Jenner’s fans were upset with her appearance, I was able to conclude that she was being criticized for her appearance due to the fact that she had chosen to go public with her personal life while being married to Kris Jenner. She also did not wear any makeup, unlike the other people on the show who were wearing makeup.


So, when Jenner appeared on the show and chose to appear in this way, it was perceived as her doing something wrong. People believed that it was disrespectful to the other women on the show who were married, yet were doing absolutely nothing wrong, and that Jenner was somehow using her marriage as an excuse to do something she was not supposed to do. If you are someone who is thinking about what could cause you to be criticized by your fans, this is what could happen to you.


In addition to this, some fans were offended because of the “viewers” that Jenner chose to appear with, including the mother of one of the women on the show. In fact, there were people on social media sites that called Jenner a “slut,” which caused Jenner to come under fire, as people saw her as someone who was trying to seduce younger women on the show, which wasn’t true.


So, as I learned more about this controversy, I was able to conclude that it was not because of Jenner’s appearance, but rather for other people’s reaction to her actions, and her choice of words. I was shocked to learn that these fans were actually very upset with the way Jenner presented herself. This was unfortunate, because there are many other people who also wear very revealing clothing, and use make up to present themselves to the world as attractive and beautiful. It is not their fault that their looks are what they are known for, and they are not in need of a reason to criticize their appearance.


What has caused this controversy, is the fact that some people have been angry over Jenner’s decision to share her personal life, and how that decision has affected the other members of her family. Jenner has every right to share her personal life with the world, and if she had decided to do that, so did the people who were criticizing her for that decision.

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