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    What Are the 15 Strict Rules at the Bachelor Party?

    The Bachelor and the Bachelorette Party have been around for years and the rules have changed quite a bit over the years. The Bachelor and the Bachelorette Party have always allowed one man and one woman to meet at a location that is pre-arranged, usually at a hotel or a club. The Bachelor party used […] More

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    10 Famous Actors Who Were Forced To Hide Their Pregnancy Onset

    In order to be an actress in Hollywood, you have to have a steady stream of work for the next few months and in some cases, you have to keep going even after you are told that you don’t need to keep appearing in these shows. Here are some of the stars who were forced […] More

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    The 17 Strict Rules Female Lifeguards Must Follow

    If you have the desire to get a job as a lifeguard, you need to understand how the rules of employment and safety are applied to lifeguards. These rules require those female lifeguards are held to the same standards of safety as their male counterparts, and they must follow a set of 17 strict rules […] More

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    How to Know If Someone is Cheating

    You can use the power of the Internet to find out what Hollywood celebrities do to stay young, healthy, and in love. There are many celebrity websites that are devoted to giving you all the information you could ever want on celebrities and their age gaps, whether they have a gap or not.   A […] More

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    Don’t Spend Your Money on Bhad Bhabie

    The story of Bhad Bhabie Spends His Millions on the Beach is a love story, like no other. It’s a story about love and the person who loves it. It’s about love and finding a way to express that love to the other person in your life. It’s about finding happiness in a world that […] More

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    Why Katelyn Jenner’s Fans Are Upset With Her Actions

    The backlash against Kylie Jenner’s recent appearance on “The View” has caused many to wonder why her fans are upset with her. Why are they upset with the show, and not with the star herself? One of the biggest reasons behind the controversy was that Jenner did not wear any makeup during the interview, and […] More

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    Why Ariana Grande’s Style Has Never Changed Much

    It seems that Ariana Grande is never one to make changes, and this extends even to her style. It’s been a while since we’ve seen her wearing anything but her signature red dress and stilettos. This is not an attitude that you should expect from someone who is so young and beautiful, yet Grande’s age […] More

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    How to Find Out About the Craziest Celebrities

    Kendall Jenner spent her billions on buying a boat, but she has just taken that to another level. She recently bought a mansion for a record price, and it has multiple bathrooms, a kitchen, and a pool. It is a very expensive purchase for someone who spends her millions on her clothes, accessories, and cosmetics […] More

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    How Kris Jenner Got the Most Powerful Celebrity Status

    Kris Jenner, the reality TV star and author of the best selling book “The Secrets of My Life” is a very popular personality among women everywhere. Her story is one of empowerment and self-confidence in a female world that seems to always put the man’s first.| Kris started her career as a small child with […] More

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    Why Are These Celebrities Doing So Many Odd Jobs?

    If you are reading this article, chances are you are searching for a list of celebrities with very odd jobs on the side. You may be wondering, who are these people? Well, there are many people that work in places you would never even think of going to, and there are some that can’t seem […] More

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    First aid course: how to help the victim survive and where to learn it

    Good first aid courses [ 1 ] are usually two full days of practical and theoretical studies with a concluding block of simulated situations in which you need to act quickly and clearly. As useful as the courses are, it is difficult to carve out two days in the work schedule, so this text contains the basic principles […] More