10 Famous Actors Who Were Forced To Hide Their Pregnancy Onset

In order to be an actress in Hollywood, you have to have a steady stream of work for the next few months and in some cases, you have to keep going even after you are told that you don’t need to keep appearing in these shows. Here are some of the stars who were forced to hide their pregnancy onset:

20 Actors Who Were Forced To Hide Their Pregnancy Onset


* Laura Blake: The actress appeared in four episodes of “ER” before being diagnosed with cancer. She went into rehab and was diagnosed after the show ended. She was given the green light to do the rest of her show and she did not have to go back to the hospital or the treatment center. However, it was very difficult for her family.


* Lisa Bonet: She played a pregnant woman in the episode “The Rainmaker.” However, it is unknown when Lisa became pregnant during the filming of the episode. When she was told about the pregnancy, she went back to rehab, underwent a hysterectomy, and had to take a six-week vacation to be with her husband.


* Paul F. Thomas: He appeared in four episodes of “ER.” He is a real estate agent. He was told that he was going to lose the baby due to the fact that he had a low sperm count.


* Rachel Ray: The actress became pregnant shortly before the shooting of “The Rachel Ray Show” began. She was given the green light to continue acting and was allowed to work on the show even though her body did not support a pregnancy.


* Hannah Montana: The actress gave birth to a baby girl in August 2020. Even though she wanted to continue acting, her baby was born first, and she had to give up on the “Hannah Montana” show.


* Edgar Richard Murray: He appeared in a few episodes of “ER” before becoming ill. He was given a green light to continue working but was told that he would have to undergo chemotherapy or he would not be able to continue on the show.


* Amy Winehouse: The singer was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly before she was due to appear in “ER.” She was given the green light to continue on the show but was advised to get treatment instead.


* Jennifer Aniston: Her daughter, Isaac was born while she was in “ER.” Isaac was born shortly after she was shot, but was not present in the scenes that were filmed during the hospital stay.


* Jennifer Aniston: She is the mother of two children. She was also the mother of Isaac Aniston, who was in one of the scenes filmed while she was recovering from her surgery. Isaac was born later on.


* JoAnne Simpson: She was the wife of actor Danny Simpson, who was married to tennis legend Andre Agassi. They had three children together before divorcing in 2020.


* Jessica Simpson: The former wife of basketball star Patrick Ewing. She gave birth to her son, Christopher Michael Simpson after the pair had an affair. They separated in 2020.


* Edward Norton: He appeared in one episode of “ER” as Edward Richtofen, a character created by author Robert Ludlum, who was created for the show. Norton was revealed to be a former rich businessman who was also a former president of the United States Federal Reserve.

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